takes me 30 minutes to launch

Hey not sure if its me or what, but it takes 30minutes in the custom game screen, for me to setup a one player game even on a mid size map. Is this normal??? FYI I am very new to this site, so not sure if I am doing something wrong, or need to link my (installed on my pc) SC to this launcher or something? yes noob sorry,

Did you install the FAF client? Provide more details. Hard to help with no info. Don't worry about being noob. We all start there and some of us (like me) are still noobs after playing for years lol

Let there be light

No that's not normal, 30 seconds would be considered a long time, never mind 30 minutes!

I just read a different post about a player who was having troubles launching and it was as simple as cleaning old files from the install directory as there were old exe files that were causing conflict so perhaps cleaning the disk/cache/folder would help you out?...

Let there be light