Thought about the 4vs4 MM

Well it seems like the 4vs4MM Full Share is a clear winner, I hardly ever see anyone queuing for the No Share version. Is there any chance we could also trial a 4vs4MM Full Share Map Generator queue? I don't have enough free time to get good at all positions in all the standard maps and a randomnly generated map each time would help level the playing field a bit! Just a thought!

Sentons is like literally the only map in the 4v4 pool where bo prep would be requires and even that doesn’t exist when you aren’t joining a custom game with 7/8 regular sentoners.

I would like it because i kind of like generated maps more, but there are just not enought player for this i think.

I'm no expert but I don't think it would require too much work to set it up and trial it out? See if there is demand?

[i misunderstood what OP was asking]

Where do you get your information from? This is news to me

[i misunderstood what OP was asking]

mapgen is literally in the pool rn

Oh, so you were just talking about adding map gen maps to the pool? I thought you were talking about an exclusive map gen queue because that is what the op asked for.

Yes I'd like an exclusively map gen queue. I think mapgen needs better in game skills, can you assess and implement a strategy on a new map? As opposed to using tried and tested strategies on maps you may have played before. Just my 2 cents.

Last year we had a mapgen week which was quite well received. Having that on all queues could be nice.

Yes, please make a TMM with map gen only.