Mongoose vs hoplites

I did some hoplite vs mongoose testing and the hoplites survived multiple times with 3-4 surviving from the 5v5 with both sides microed because of the hoplite speed and insyant firing the hoplites could kill the mongoose with ease. The mongoose should have a wind up for their gatling like the ravager to make their range real instead of making the range in practice smaller then the hoplites.

Mongoose don't need to be good, they should be a meme unit because meme units make the game fun. UEF has plenty of other strong tools. Balance team already buffed mongoose once and made them super OP.

Assumption that equal cost and tech level units should equaly strong is wrong.
factions should be equaly strong, not individual units

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Hoplites don't have a secondary splash attack. Could you compare how many Aurora you need to kill a single Mongoose or Hoplite?

Should build pillars instead of mongoose in like 90% of cases.

Hoplite = no shield
Mongoose = shield

if Mongoose = Hoplite, UEF is extremely oppressive at t2 stage.

There is an assumption here that mongoose and hoplites would be used to counter each other. I would rather use T1 bombers or a gun ACU.

What percentage of 1v1 matches between UEF and Cybran have a fight between mongoose and hoplites? 5%? 2%?

In mirror matchups, how often do we see mongoose vs mongoose or hoplite vs. hoplite?