Advanced Grouping Mod

Back in the day (like.. 10 years ago) before my FA hiatus I used to use the "Advanced Grouping" UI mod (among others). This mod allows you to split a selected group of units into evenly separated sub-groups. So if you have 9 units selected and you press Ctrl+Alt+3 then Alt+1, Alt+2 and Alt+3 will select 3 different units respectively. Quite a useful addition when dealing with larger armies.

However, unfortunately the mod does not work with FAF. If I install my backup copy that I still have manually in C:\ProgramData\FAForever\user\My Games\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\mods and launch a game with it enabled, the game only renders the first frame after zooming in to the ACU at launch and then renders no updates anymore. I can still hear everything and can still interact with everything - I just don't see anything.

I was wondering if anyone has a version that still works with FAF? Or may be some one can help me figure out what needs to be changed?

I can provide the current version and upload it here, I hope the original author would not mind (Goom).

UI Party by partytime (nine2) has that feature.

Oh cool, thank you! Is there any documentation about its features? Looking at its LUA files it seems to come with a lot 🙂

Yeah it has a ton of very useful features, you can find the documentation here:

Thank you :). Though I would still prefer to only use the AdvancedGrouping mod as I don't want to clutter FAF with things that I don't really need.

You could delete the parts of the mod that you don't need. That is certainly easier than troubleshooting your old mod

@blackyps said in Advanced Grouping Mod:

That is certainly easier than troubleshooting your old mod

idk, as a developer I wouldn't mind devling into LUA scripting for FA and see what would need to be changed. Seems actually more sensible than trying to remove functionality from an existing mod.

If you want to do it nobody is stopping you. I just don't expect anybody to do it for you because there is no benefit of doing that aside of personal curiosity of finding out how things work.