Tech markers for Bigger Strategy Icons should be moved to the left of the icon.

Right now they are below the icon. So they just end up behind the unit count in the selection menu or behind the hotkey label in the build menu if hotkey labels are on. So it's kind of a pointless option right now as it is.

@SpicerXD You got an image or say screenshot of what you are referring to?

There's each case of it being blocked by other gui. Honestly, the tech maker should be way more pronounced and on the left side, or some other alternative.

I agree with the fact that the bigger strategic icons are pointless

@SpicerXD I see, im not sure on that one, other than perhaps some highlighted edge means seems a loss is placed elsewhere.

Given of course a move to the side would be valid as a highlighted edge move at a time, but seems still to opaque to still a possible opaque solution.