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I know its not an option is alot of image producing and editing programs and apps, but fairly certain photoshop has it, maybe not be called invert but i seem to recall it that way.

Basically the prior concepts needs to be flipped and and set backwards, invert could do something similar in just say one command.
Might need some work still, but could work though also. I might try to run PS again and check and see but not sure.
I tried to find an old assets disc and couldnt find it, I had tons of psds on it. Almost several gbs worth. One thing i did was basically nothing but of say the invert flip command essentially.



Yea with 5 being the lowest I think you have to make the size of the stars increase as the number of them decreases. So you start with 5 small ones and work your way up to 1 large one.


1.png 2.png

Quick made icon, but units still seem reasonable, but again, does seem like would take some reasonable time.


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Rank Icons2.png

this is fun...

why did you go for pixel-perfect though?

I know it's like the whole shtick of supreme commander strat icons but your task is the opposite of the strat icons, the strat icons need to transmit a lot of data, your goal is to make these avatars look nice.

I think there's a real diamond in the rough here. let's try and see what this would look like with non-pixel perfect/shaded pixels.

the issue I have for example it that the stars all look lopsided because of the pixels that should be smack dab in the middle of two screen pixels to be correctly positioned for the correct angle

and the bars come off jagged and as a result, kinda fuzzy whereas I'm sure you wanted them to on the contrary have a clearly marked/cut style, for a more serious effect.


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The tiers 1-5 with 5 being the lowest

is this really set in stone?

I don't think counting down as you go up in tiers is better....

we really need to stop it with this pseudo-clever stuff on faf (looks at the cpu score) it's really counter intuitive to most new fafers


I'm a fair Tier vs Tech person. Tier going lower for higher and higher for lower does make sense.

But if you check, not sure still is. But T for T1, T2, etc is listed as Tech 1 etc in game, I noticed that after getting FA installed awhile back but not sure if was updated or not. But Supcom did start out with Tier and I'm certain FA did as well, just not sure if either stayed that way.
But in terms of Tiers for the work, is really Subdivisions within a tier also, which again on rankings at a time, lower being higher and higher being lower makes sense.

The idea for here is a change for me though also, despite that difference, and I have to relist my listing for division layouts also but only about 15% done of the initial concept and rather I try to keep the icon above to further work on, I don't know, I have no other works in progress either also, so.



The first league being the highest is common in several popular games. League does it, SC2 does it.


You don't get trophy for being 5th. You get it for being first.


@Khada_Jhin The reward part of the system in which we are trying to contribute works for, think is fairly limited, if not quite existent, for the purpose but an outcome at a time could still be taken all the same on recognition of course.

But if not mistaken, the avatar/icons are more for positions than ranking.
Hence Unit/Building Icons/Avatars seems reasonable.



stop saying thanks at the end of every single post



My point was, Division 1 should be higher ranked than division 3. Just like the places on podium etc.


Its a habit, especially with forums. Still think there is a more formal basis on regards to forum posts other than fancy messengers or texts.

@Khada_Jhin Understood


This post is deleted!

BTW is this done? did we settle on something? is my idea of improving both petic's and Burritozilla entries by combining the two not happning?


I am not sure what exactly you proposed? Also this is more petric's decision.
I got a complete set from him, but I don't know if they are intended to be the final version.