45$ "Supreme Battle Royale 8" 2 players on team

Time: 25 december 13:00 GMT (16:00 Msc)

Rating cap for team 3300
CPU max 300
challonge: https://challonge.com/ru/y6pz0s2r
FAF chat: #SBR8
TD: Lenkin

8 or less teams start in center of 20km mapgen and try to kill other teams, last surviving team win the match. Zone will shrink randomly. U can capture care packages beacon to get units fast from a drop. 0880ef24-4157-47c2-986e-6d0cc72482ff-image.png U can capture exp for few seconds!

It will be 3 games and every win = 15$ for team
Max nomber of teams in one game is 8.
If team wins in one match, then they out of tourney

Map will be generated by Mapgenerator with settings: Flooded, 16 spawns, 0 team, 20km.

Share conditions: Traitors ( your units will transfered to control of your killer)
You cant ctrl+k your units when u are sniped, or will be disqualified.
Hard FFA means every com will spawn in t2 transport
Battle Royale mod mean map will shrink every 60 sec and carepackages will spawn on the map randomly. To see where they drop u need to instal Dear Windowing mod. Mod settings: fd.JPG

Would be nice if u will sign up in comments here, if u want to participate, OR pm me in discord Lenkin#0607 😈
U can sign up solo if u have no teammate but full teams will enter first.

SIGN UPS (only 8 Teams available included 2 solos):
m=1.67... Neytron(1800)+ Pryanichek (1400)
Perfect Zebranog (PerfectAim+ Zebranog ( 1500+1300))
Eternal Yshysh (Just_Yshysh (1400) with Eternal- (1800))
Fruits (TreefolkNoob(1800)+ )
Little Azot (4z0t (BR4Hz0t) (1600)+ anKcat ( Little_lmp) (1600))
Cast_Away (1900) + RenamedNoob(1400)
Deksters (1200) + Nyacroz (900) = 2100
Paralon 2400
Femboy 1400

Install and enable the Dear Windowing UI mod!

And have fun 🙂 .

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Neytron(1800)+ Pryanichek (1400) (1800+1400=3200) +-
Team: sweet m =1.67..
(Сладкий нейтрон(sweet-сладкий)(м=1.67..-масса нейтрона))

PerfectAim+ Zebranog( 1500+1300)

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Sign up.
Just_Yshysh (1400) with Eternal- (1800)

Sing up
Team Fruits...

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

@treefolknoob хахахаха)) когда понизили с 3600 до 3300 ((

@treefolknoob у меня нашелся тимейт, а у вас как дела?

@neytron я своего не нашел(((((
кто твой тиммейт?

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

Sign up.
4z0t (aka BR4Hz0t) (1600) and anKcat (aka Little_lmp) (1600)

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Paralon 2400 solo

Salnik(1500) пока соло, может найду тимейта

EmeraldDraklan (900) был бы не против, но врядли пропустят

Can I sign up solo? Femboy 1400

FAF Website Developer

Cast_Away (1900) + RenamedNoob(1400) =3300

Deksters (1200) + Nyacroz (900) = 2100

PhantomSamurai (1700) Crypteck(1300) = name team Arex

solo signup

MadCat + lilSidlil = 1043 + 2011 = 3 054
team bombim

Rjksxtd(800)+ Harlequin(1200) =name Team CyberDno