Vault Rules

The current vault rules are now available on the new wiki here. The rules apply to both the map and mod vaults, and read as follows:

Rules overview:

  • No illegal, broken, malicious, pornographic, or 'test' content.
  • Content must follow naming conventions, and have proper attribution.
  • No GPG maps or variants thereof without approval.
  • No maps identifiably generated using Neroxis.

Legal requirements:
Content must not breach international laws or the national/federal laws of the vaults' host country(s). This notably includes but is not limited to:

  • No trademark, patent, or copyright violations: No content you don't have permission to upload.
  • No war crimes: No unauthorised use of the red cross or of other protected distinctive emblems. (Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, Article 18.6 and Article 38)

Meta requirements:
Naming conventions, and attribution.

  • As per legal requirements; no trademark violations.
  • No versioning in names.
  • Content must include full attribution as required by contributors and additional included content.
  • Maps utilising Cookienoobs' adaptive scripts must have 'Adaptive' at the start of the name.

No maps identifiably generated using Neroxis.

Neroxis is the name of a player. You should call this the “Random Map Generator” instead.

The generator is named after them. You're also not allowed to use the player to generate maps for upload.

Neroxis ≠ Neroxis map generator.

The map generator is known as “the map generator” or “the random map generator” (see discord roles) and is a product of the effort of many people, not just Neroxis. At the very least you need to put the words “map generator” in there somewhere otherwise it makes no sense.

I debated this internally, and the main reasons I didn't was:
I didn't wan't to insult peoples intelligence by assuming they wouldn't be able to work it out from the context clues of "No maps identifiably generated using ~" what was being referred to.
It was concise.
Sheikah was fine with it.
Peter Ziegler is the name on the license.
And from the perspective of reading and understanding what you need to do to follow the rules, it's pretty easy to see you're not going to be breaking that rule if you don't know what it's specifically referring to.

I might change it to NeroxisGen, which is the name it's actually released under.

You are not insulting anyones intelligence by writing clear and understandable rules

The project is very clearly called “Neroxis Map Generator”. If you want to be pedantic about it then call it that. It is released under the MIT license which means anyone can do anything they please with it (modify it, rename it, use it as a library, sell it, etc) so long as they don’t sue any of the contributors. There is no mention of “NeroxisGen” anywhere in the license or in the readme (other than the build artifact which is clearly an abbreviation of the full name) so I don’t know why you would claim that.

Imo calling software by the name of the person who started it is really a bad practice that we should be avoiding as much as possible. You can already see how much of a headache it has cause in the FAF client. Really we should fork the project and rename it to not have anyones personal usename in it.

I don't understand why it's made more difficult on purpose because technically its called neroxis map gen. The average user has never heard of neroxis so they wouldn't get it, and the more time passes the less people identify the map gen as "neroxis map gen" and the more people identify it as "random map generator" or such. I haven't actually heard anyone say neroxis in such a long time since literally everyone just calls it "map gen" now.

Rules are meant to inform. If your rules don't properly inform then they aren't good rules,