Alder Lake

Does anyone already have a new Alder Lake CPU? Does it work with the correct distribution to the powerful cores? I fear if it doesnt work, the game is just too old that Intel is going fix it...

@deribus you can answer this

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Yeah I just got one today. I've managed to launch the game and gotten a CPU score of 88, so all seems well and good. I'll watch that benchmark replay tomorrow and see how it goes, 4 AM for me right now 😆

Thanks, looking forward to hearing the real live game play... as the CPU score is not really good... My laptop does have a score of 140 but during the game it is more like a 350 or more, I am always the slowest :-0

Does great! I'm the fastest simspeed in all the games I've checked today.

Also did well in the unofficial benchmark

@sambadagio have you investigated thermal throttling and its possible workarounds? It's a common problem on many laptops and high cpu score but low in game performance is a very characteristic symptom