Increasing damage against shields with EMP weapons.

Basically like the name states, having emp weapons do increased damage to shields.
Most emp effects get completely blocked by shields, and some units that rely on these do overall less damage.
List of units it would be effected are admittedly mostly cybran.

Shimmer(Aeon bomber)
Fire Beetle
SACU stun upgrade

Medusa have rather low dps for a t1 arty and rely on the stun. Makes the emp more relevant when there are mobile shields.
Shimmer (Aeon bomber) has low damage. Not very relevant change to it but its something.
Fire Beetles would have some more uses.
Loyalist charging in with their ability may have a function even if bricks are out?
SACU stun gets blocked by mobile shields and is a rather expensive upgrade. Could make it have a stronger function against shielded targets.

If other units need to do more damage against shields, they could perhaps have an emp effect added as another option for balancing units dps output.

Medusas stun already powerful enough without extra shield damage. Shield breaking is an Aeon faction speciality anyway (absolver). It's not as if Cybrans don't already have enough toys

Medusa has firing randomness that makes it do less damage to units and even small structures like PD because it sometimes misses. That doesn't happen with a shield so I don't think Medusa DPS is that bad against shield. Nor does Loyalist need help getting under shield to kill the generator with its movespeed.

Other units are irrelevant for taking out shields.

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

@zeldafanboy The low dps of medusa is also due to stats. It is designed to make up for its lower health and dps with its stun. Emp effects do not work on shields. I'm not saying it should do ridiculous damage to shields, just enough to normalise it. Something like +50%? Overall its not a big buff for emp, just something to equalise it when the stun does not occur due to shields.