RECONQUISTA - Or how I named something to think about it better


Hi fellows!

In thinking on how to get better at the game I came up with a label for a group of stuff like, retaking lost mexes or expansions, swifly moving into the exploded husks of teammates, and aggressive reclaiming. Reconquista! That might all seem like basic stuff to a bunch of you, but I find putting a name to stuff helps me focus on it and refine it.

So I made a video to lay out some of the basics of this topic.

I would appreciate your feedback on the concepts therein. I'm wanting to gather ideas and make another video in the future about how to do these things more successfully, good practices, etc.

I would like to note that I'm not the best at this game and I'm not coming in here to tell everyone how to play the game, but rather labeling a section of stuff so we can have a constructive discussion about it 😄

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From the getgo, I would say that first it's pretty cool that you made this tutorial. I dig the "Reconquista" concept, instead of calling it "take back whats yours". However, I would try to be more specific with your video clips and what you are saying. Sometimes it feels like you go on small tangents or there is "dead space" in the video where you dont talk or talk about another replay but then show something else. I understand video editing is hard but I could give you some pointers

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@femboy Thank you for the feedback! I definitely have a bit of trouble organizing my thoughts on things, hence trying to put it into a script and video. The last sections were off the cuff and I can definitely see what you are saying about dead air. I do wish to improve my video production skills, so if you have feedback feel free to PM me. I plan on making a follow up video about reconquista where I put more time and effort into specific examples and cost/benefit, and hopefully have more examples from gameplay. So if you have ideas to add about reconquista I would love to hear those here 🙂

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!


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