Showing as "behind" seemingly at random.

One of two days a week i am getting shouted at for lagging in games(The rest of the time its fine), there seems to be no pattern or reason for it(The next day its fine again), Its not the NVIDIA driver issue, my PC is more than enough to run the game and my ISP/Speed is solid. My network usage is never above a few % neither is my CPU/GPU, I`m always careful to run Norton premium in game mode to stop any back ground traffic and i always boot my PC 10-15 minutes before i play to allow Windows to run any updates it might have waiting.

There is very little traffic on my home Network, no kids on Netflix or downloading etc and being a Network Engineer by trade i am able to diagnose it for anything out of the ordinary, im running out of ideas as to why it happens and im hoping someone might be able to suggest a few more areas to investigate.

Note i have no issues with not been able to connect to other players or crashing/disconnecting during games.

PC specs
Ryzen 5 5600X
32 Gig DDR4 3600 Mhz RAM
GTX 1080TI
Hard wired to a Speedport Smart 4 router, 250Mbps internet connection.

Try the latest client (the pre-release version) - if I am not mistaken the current version has a minor issue with the ICE adapter.

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@jip Thanks will try it out over the next few days and see if i encounter the issue again.