Legend of the Stars 2021 Artwork Thread

Starting a new topic to share and collaborate on posters, news side bars, overlays, etc.

Have at it!


I made this, I used the faction outlines Eternal made, but I don't think that the unit/faction outline is working well with the text (too much separate things rather than 1 harmonious shape, like this castle below)


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I started working on the layout of a t2 UEF land fac to use as the castle above, if anyone wants to give it a try, let me know lol (Please note this is a WIP obviously)

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bluemeh.png blueLogo.png

I present you my beauties, they still need more polishing but I'm quite happy with the results I'm getting

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FinalGreato.png My masterpiece is finalized

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FinalGreato.png Okay now it's really finalized lol

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@femboy Also everyone feel free to use this artwork in your LOTS content or posts!

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Banner.png Banner2.png

Here are some new banners I made for LoTS, as usual, feedback is always appreciated.

Also here is an overlay that I made for twitch, feel free to contact me for it! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1199633350

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Looks cool, just make sure you can edit some of the text cause the prize pool and players will change!

@morax Lol yes, I can change all the names and things on every graphic design I make. But thanks for reminding me! Im still thinking of how will I adjust it toless and less players there will be left to enter!

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There are uhhh ahem some names on there that are not relevant to this tournament whatsoever, some even with a big font
think its best to just have the relevant people on there

edit: just read the other messages, but ya idk when exactly you'll be posting this on the newspage, but even now, before lots has started, some names can be scrapped already really

Usually those sort of promotion materials name the dudes that are casting the events rather than the players, would be cool if it would instead put focus on names of bigger casters interested in helping the event if that could get organized.


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