Dual Gap Air build order question

So, in DualGap do you get 1 T3mex first or the T3pgen?

In Seutons you always get the T3power first right, then you upgrade the first t2 mex to T3, right?

@kdrafa91 I don't think there is a perfectly established build order out that far I normally go pgen first but I think if I had scouted and saw the enemy was behind on air I would go T1 bomber spam. Or mexes.

I'd suggest just playing until you find someone who does really well on air, then watch them in the replay.

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

IMO for the "t3 rush" player its usually better to actually rush t3. Even if your opponent doesn`t have t3 yet, enemy team can still go nothas/artydrops/comdrops/corsairs (most of those things are pretty hard to stop with t1 air).
Also, first t3 pgen will provide your team some free E which might be important if the "eco player" want to rush RAS upgrade. And if you feel safe&greedy you can always build mass storages connected to mexes.