UEF Shield field - upgrade malfunction?


Replay UID : 15474702
Time: 34.10 - 34.25

Pink player (myself) bombs red ACU (Kaban_) with T3 bombers while his UEF ACU has Shield Field upgrade. The bombs damage the ACU under the Shield Field. Note that the ACU is moving towards the incoming bombers.

Replay UID : 15476762

In this sandbox test, I replicate the phenomenon with both UEF and Cybran bomber. I narrate the test in the game chat, to make it easy to follow for a watcher. The demonstration is 4min 44 sec long.

The outcome is the same, if the ACU stands still, the shield protects him, but if he moves towards the incoming bombers, he dies to 6 bombers.

Is this a bug or a feature? It makes no sense to me to have the bombs hit a shielded ACU.


It is a bug - the issue is that the damage is applied one tick later. It is a similar issue to the jester having a too small splash damage but then in its reverse: the bombs detonate the next tick, and when you move towards the bombers they essentially move 'underneath' the shield.

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Okay thanks for the explanation. I did further testing and I can't replicate it with Aeon and Seraphim bomber, so it makes sense.

I believe this one could be fixed by increasing the size of the shield bubble I guess? If it happens to any other unit under a mobile shield, that's no big deal, but if an ACU dies due to a bug, that's a big issue.


It could also be addressed by reducing the AOE of the bomb.

Being that the difference is one tick - the distance involved would have to be the distance the ACU can travel in a single tick. Assuming he has a nominal speed of 3, this would be a distance of 3 ogrids.

I would confirm this entire process by logging what the bomb is actually impacting with - is the bomb impacting the shield, the unit, or the ground ? And following thru the process to see what the damage is being applied against.



While true, increasing the size of the shield bubble would have far less unintentional side-effects than reducing the bomber AoE would.

T3 bombers are very widely used, popular units, while the UEF shield upgrade is not a very popular upgrade. Many people don't get the shield field upgrade at all because it might overlap with other shields and end up taking AoE damage. Because of this, the UEF stage one shield upgrade is often preferred.

In my experience, to fix this particular bug, it would be a far safer bet to increase the size of the underused shield bubble, than to tamper with the widely used T3 bombers.


Agree, plus UEF (and Cybran) T3 bombers are already getting slight AOE nerfs to their bombs anyways

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