I'm sorry if I offended the developers.

I got very excited when for half a day I could not understand why it was not possible to connect, it turns out that I had to turn off the network bridge and reboot 2 times. Why 2? I do not know. Maybe it's a jamb of developers, or maybe mine. In any case, it was unworthy of me to get personal and offend the developers. It might sound offensive in English, because I am not a native speaker of this language.

After reading a few more articles, I changed my mind. Developers, you are handsome and young.

And volunteers


I'll take the handsome and young any time. Jokes aside, I do appreciate the apology, and I think I'm not the only one thinking that.

I'd like to emphasize what Axel said - there's than just developers in this community. There are content creators, content managers (news team), artists in general, developers (game related, client related, server related), server / system administrators (for the ddos mitigations, for example), testers and of course - gamers 🙂 . We all make this community what it is, and that is why I personally appreciate your apology.

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