let UI scaling affect Economic Overlay

First off I am really sorry I am not modding it myself, I looked at it before and couldn't figure it out and now I really have no time to do it - let alone properly.

The UI Scaling does not affect the economic overlay, which makes the economic overlay useless to me as I need scaling to see the small red stall text.

While at it, why is stalling text red?

  • My ophthalmologist explained that red is often the first color to suffer readability issues when sight generally worsens.
  • Red/green color blindness is common, but I don't know if this affects readability of red text at all?

Just a humble suggestion/request...

@valki Its red because red is bad. or good. its either death or sex and my sex mod is not coming along very well.

Anyways, its probably more important that its blinking. movement is more important than color.

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I can't find the mod in the vault.

Best to contact the author. And if he's not available, then ask @Balthazar if you're allowed to make a FAF version of the mod. If you can't make the adjustments yourself, then you'll have to find someone to do it for you.

You can find the value you'll need to work with here. That value is set through the options to scale the UI. All the functions in that same file work with that value accordingly. The mod in question probably doesn't use it - preventing it from scaling along.

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Don't know why he used a screenshot like that, but the economy overlay is not a mod, it's the additional info you get when you use the hotkey, default is ctrl+r I think


Hey @valki, I know this doesn't address the economic overlay issues, but regarding your issues with the resource panel; I just created the Economy UI Colors mod that allows you to customize the red/green/yellow colors of the resource panel to whatever hex colors you want (with a default change of red to pink that will hopefully resolve the red/green issue there - let me know if there's another color that would be better for that)4d5edaa4-c0ef-4985-80e3-cd32ba42d30b-image.png

Also, the Scaled resource panel mod seems to do what you desire regarding scaling the resource panel when it's enabled. When it's installed but not enabled, it seems to cause the sort of problem that your screenshot demonstrates (at least it did when I tested it today). So, you may want to try enabling it, and if that doesn't work well, then deleting it.

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@emperor_penguin Thanks, this is already a great improvement of the normal view.