Modding Regeln


Hallo zusammen,

ich habe mich in der letzten Zeit mit dem modding einer Unit versucht. Da ich keiner leih Erfahrung mit Programmierung oder der gleichen habe, habe ich per Foren mir versucht es anzueignen. Mein Mod " Saver Fatboy2" ist ein mix aus einer Unit von total mayhem und dem Standart Fatboy. Nach mehreren Testspielen mit einem Kumpel habe ich den Mod auch versucht hochzuladen, was auch funktioniert hat. Wenn ich den Mod jedoch im Tresor suche, ist er nicht zu finden. Evtl. liegt es an den Regeln von FAF, was verständlich ist. Nur wenn ich dem Link zu den Regeln folge, kommt leider nur die Mitteilung, dass diese Seite nicht mehr existiert. Kann mir daher jemand die Regeln zum modding für FAF zukommen lassen?

Vielen Dank für eure Arbeit an einem tollen Spiel.


Hello, everyone,

I have recently tried modding a unit. Since I have no lending experience with programming or the like, I tried to acquire it via forums. My mod "Saver Fatboy2" is a mix of a unit from total mayhem and the standard Fatboy. After several test games with a buddy, I also tried to upload the mod, which also worked. However, when I look for the mod in the vault, it cannot be found. Possibly it is due to the rules of FAF, which is understandable. Unfortunately, only when I follow the link to the rules will I get the message that this page no longer exists. So can someone send me the rules for modding for FAF?

Thank you for your work on a great game.

@MadMax do you have a link to the rules of the vault?

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Danke 🙂


@MadMax, Danke für den Link. Ich benötige jedoch den Link für die Mods.


replace maps with mods and most of the rules are the same anyway new rules are going to be up soon

A new rule set is currently under review after the previous were deleted. These aren't necessarily final, but:


  • No illegal, broken, malicious, pornographic, or 'test' content.
  • Content must follow naming conventions, and have proper attribution.

Legal requirements:

Content must not breach international laws or the national/federal laws of the vaults' host country(s). This notably includes but is not limited to:

  • No trademark, patent, or copyright violations: No content you don't have permission to upload.
  • No war crimes: No unauthorised use of the red cross or of other protected distinctive emblems. (Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, Article 18.6 and Article 38)

Meta requirements:

Naming conventions, and attribution.

  • As per legal requirements; no trademark violations.
  • No versioning in names.
  • Maps utilising Cookienoobs' adaptive scripts must have 'Adaptive' at the start of the name.
  • Content must include full attribution as required by contributors and additional included content.

Map specific rules and provisions:

For vault purposes, FAF is considered the owner of GPG maps. Additionally:

  • No maps identifiably generated using Neroxis.

Vault Admin / Creative Team / Map Guru


Danke dir.