SACU's veterency cost

SACU's veterancy cost increases linearly, while all other units do not.

suc.JPG rambo.JPG

As a result, we have that Rambo needs more experience than Ythota.

Expensive SACU's are faced with the glass ceiling.

nicely spotted, you can make a github issue about it

I don't really understand how the suggestions on the github work. Do I need to write in a nutshell about the proposed changes?
Or I should write down specific numbers that I propose to change?

Also manually upgreaded SACU have the same veterancy bar as the upgreadless one.

Maybe the easy way would be to make fixed veterancy cost for every type of SACU:

1)Engineer, ras, vanilla - 4k
2)"Weak combat", missile, - 5k
3) Strong combat - 6 or 7 k

What do you think?

Just say that the preset sacu require too much mass to vet.
We can't take into account the mass invested in upgrade. Likewise if you upgrade a scu after building it, it won't vet up opponent unit faster.

@keyser ready