Where my python coders at?

Hey FAFfers!

We're once again in need of willing contributors who know python to help on some of our server projects. And the best part is you don't even have to commit to writing any code! I could really use one or two people who would be able to do code reviews for me once a week. All you gotta do is read over the code changes in my pull requests and sanity check them for stuff like typos, good code style, logic errors, missing tests, etc. Typically this takes anywhere between 10-30 minutes. If this sounds like something you want to do, message me on discord (Askaholic) and I'll add you as a reviewer to the repo.

Of course if you want to write some code, that's cool too. Message me and I'll help you get started!

Lobby server repo: https://github.com/FAForever/server

Sure. I did some cybersec dev with flask a few years back. I can. Brush up. Busy though, can't guarantee anything regular.

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

Well if you don’t mind getting github review requests every week or so we could try it. I guess the most important thing is just how frequently you could find time to do it, it doesn’t have to be consistently on any particular day, just so long as I can request a review and have at least 1 person take a look at it within a week or two. Just so I don’t have stuff sitting around for months waiting to be reviewed. Tbh it’s something you could even do from your phone probably.

@askaholic Yeah I could probably do that. TBH it actually sounds good. Sometimes I don't have the energy to code but I could still read and review it at those times, and it would still count as XP for python. Lol

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

Well I'm a semi-competent python programmer, so I could lend a hand.
That being said I have literally no experience with servers or networking (didn't even know you'd want to use python for that tbh), so besides spotting very obvious bugs, I might not be of much help.

You normally don't have to touch any low level networking stuff. Typical server changes feel like "normal" python, so don't worry about that.

Btw. when you open https://github.com/FAForever/server and then press dot key, you get IDE in browser.

I did server python work professionally for a few years and still work with it today. I can take a look occasionally, no guarantees I’ll regularly be able to.

I just need to get peoples GitHub account names so I can add you to the list of people who I can request for review. So either send me that info or just go and do a review on one of the PR’s then I’ll be able to add you.

Either of these are my top priority right now.

@KaletheQuick @CheeseBerry @Aulex Could you guys send me your GitHub names so I can add you as reviewers?

I'm ChessBerry on GH: https://github.com/ChessBerry
(I don't know who the guys are that took both the name CheeseBerry and CheeseBerries last month but they certainly are annoying)

I already have access https://github.com/cheyans

@askaholic yes, I am KaletheQuick.

Sorry for not getting to you sooner.

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

@Askaholic Also no guarantees how often I will be able to at the moment, but you can add https://github.com/Exselsior100

Great, thanks! No worries @Exselsior, I’m going to try something new which is to create a reviewers group and then request the whole group for review, so hopefully at least a few people from the group will be able to find time for a quick review.

Invites have been sent. You'll need to accept them before GitHub will let me request you as reviewers.

@askaholic Just accepted. Don't know how much assistance I will be, but I'll do my best and hopefully learn in the process ❤

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!

I may be blind, but I can't find an invite. I assume it should just be in the github notifications?

@cheeseberry I got my invite from an email

jup it was in my mails, ty!