Unable to launch game

So after going through the internet for the better part of an hour, I've just decided to post and see if anyone here can help me out with my issue. Anytime I try and run FA, my pc will launch the game and immediately minimize the game and refuse to put the game into the foreground. I believe it might be an issue with my resolution size, as many games don't like being thrown to a 3840x2160 display. I'm currently running a Ryzen 5 5600X, 16GB of ram, and a 3060ti

Are you starting the game from Steam or FAF client? If FAF, can you try Steam?

I have attempted it from both, and also tried just the .exe file within my files as well. I was able to get it to boot once somehow but never again

@Barnzinator It seems obvious that Step 1 is trying to make the Steam version of the game work, before you try to make FAF work.

Through Steam you can verify the game installation to make sure all the files were downloaded correctly.

Would it make sense to delete a certain file, such as the game preferences file, so the game will return to using default settings? I would make a backup of any file before deleting it. Does anyone know which file(s) that would be?

It would be game.prefs

So I attempted both a complete uninstall and then verified my files, still was giving me the same issue. Deleted the game.prefs files from my appdata and still was unable to launch

I think it just might be a resolution issue as I've had issues with other games attempting to fill my screen, but tried (but could have been user error) to force the game into a smaller window to no avail

This post is deleted!

Alright so I kinda found the issues and not at the same time...I finally was able to get the game to launch somehow by following this guide. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=175274474

I renamed both my sound and movie folders and ran it in compatibility mode for windows xp sp2