Lost Newer Game Lobby

Please try to not laugh too hard about this question...

I've been been playing this game since it 1st came to PC.
2 or 3 years ago when I upgraded my PC and moved all of my content onto SSD's, I erased everything other than my MOD's and Maps.
Earlier this year I updated my MB, CPU & Video card and decided to start playing SCFA again.
I reinstalled the game, having to go through Steam and unfortunately, I apparently have lost my previous game lobby.

I play through Steam and in the upper Rt Corner of the Lobby it shows: 1.6.6
In the window below assigning the AI's it shows: (LEM 4.6) Sorian AI 2.1.2

My problem is this:
I am limited to just assigning 8 AI's.... I cannot go up to 16 anymore (to play some of the modified maps) and I cannot remember where to find the updated Lobby to play non-PVP skirmishes as I did before.

Can anyone help please?

Play through FAF not Steam. Can set up games just fine for yourself through AI with the FAF launcher

And if you want, you can play FAF offline. I think you have to log in at least once to download the game files. But after that you can play offline. If that's what you prefer.


I would also encourage you to play online so you can play with other people. If you just want to play against AIs, you can have some human teammates and only AI enemies. It's so much better to play this in a social way. You can learn from other players just by watching what they do. It's 100x better than playing only by yourself.

Ok, thank you. I will try both options. I know that when I had it installed before I would click the SCFA icon on my screen and it would do the original startup of the game (to either watch the story or not) but the lobby would open to choose all the various options, choose the mods and choose the map as well as auto-fill the AI's (up to 16 based on the map)... hopefully one of these options will allow me to get back there again.

It sounds as if you previously had the Sorian-updated 16 player lobby mod. This was often distributed as part of the Sorian AI, but it was also distributed as a standalone module as well.