Com exploding for no reason ? Wasn't ctrl+K

Hey All,

Wonder if you ever saw this weird error:
Was a lost game, but anyways that didn't change the story:

  • For some reason, around min 10 of the game, I had the message:
    MSG has CTRL+K
    Weird thing is:
  • my com was still alive for a few seconds
  • I never did
  • Even if i did, i have the 5 second timer on the CTRL+k

Watching the replay, this can be observed.

Any one has any idea ? ?

huh, very interesting. You certainly didn't get sniped or anything and the ctrl+k message does indeed appear a couple seconds before you exploded. It looks like a typical disconnect, only with the difference that you obviously didn't disconnect as you are chatting right after. Hmm.

For anybody else looking at this: Start watch MSGs Com from 10:30 onward. He explodes at ~10:45.

So I just tested it and the 5 second timer does show up in replays if that command has been used, so that's not it.

Could you please check if you have the normal non-delayed ctrl+k command bound?

Hey Cheese,

Thanks for looking into this
This is confirmed, i only have the have the normal non-delayed ctrl+k command bound?

Well I'd assume it's a bug then.

Please make this an issue on the FAF Github:

Try to give as much information as possible, i.e. everything we discussed above and anything else you can remember.
Also link to this forum thread, should someone expand it in the future

Thanks, ticket opened

Perfect, thanks!