How to fix website registration/steam link error "Access token expired"

The problem

If you are on the website and try to

  • confirm your registration
  • reset your password
  • link to Steam

in rare cases an error message "Access token expired" can occur.


The cause

  1. Known cause: The URL you get has a limited lifetime. For registration and password reset, it's 1 week. For link to Steam it's 6 hours. If you do not click on the link within the lifetime, the error occurs.

  2. The unknown cause (only Steam link): A lot of people claim the get the error even within the lifetime of the token. We believe that, unfortunately we cannot reproduce it and therefore don't know the reason.

The solution

In case 1) just retry: Re-register, re-request a password reset or restart the Steam linking process.

In case 2) in many cases it helps to logout and relogin to the website.

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Hey, my friend JohnnyBravo753 has submitted 4 or 5 requests over the past two weeks asking someone (if anyone even works here anymore) for help syncing his account. The game was purchased as a gift so we are thinking this is what causing the problem.

Haven't seen any previous requests, would also need more information about what is the issue with the linking, besides "not working". Maybe make a separate thread for it?
PS. Nobody "works here", people contribute.

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!