Client hiccup, Error message hiccup?

Dear all knowing FAF-Guys!
I have seriously no clue what I have done wrong to get this startup of the client?
Does it have to do something with the current server issues?
I already redownloaded the game and got the installation fixed, did a restart, but that both did not help, so I guess a clean uninstall and reinstall won't help either.
But I will try this now, meanwhile if anybody got an idea I would be happy to get it back to running order again!

FAF problems.jpg

All the best

Please post the full client.log found in C:/ProgramData/FAForever/logs

This was an issue in the server configuration. It should be resolved now

I just wanted to post it but was waaay too long.
You guys are awesome, such a fast help!


just in case you need to post a log in the future:

Go to the webpage and post your log there.
After clicking on "create a paste" copy the new pastebin web URL.

Then you only need to post the URL here.

example URL:

"VnpaPec9" is the ID from my last test paste.
You will get another ID when you paste something 😉