Streamer tab

Hello there dearest faf members,

how bout a tab or somekind of a "section" in the faf client for streamers?
Showing a list of currently online streamers.
Entries are clickable, open stream in webbrowser.
I see alot of people using the !sstreams command.


Why do we need an own tab for the streamers?
The bot command !sstreams has the same effect?

Im glad you asked! Here are some ideas why it might be "better":
(1) (userfriendly) the list could automatically refresh, like the game lobby page does, so no need to use the command again.
(2) (userfriendly) could include information about the stream. For example stream title, amount viewers, who knows.
(3) (userfriendly) new players might not know about the bot and/or its commands. A tab would improve awareness.
(4) (userfriendly) Could include useful Links like: Commander%3A Forged Alliance
(5) (userfriendly) an own page on the client could look better than a list of streamers from the command.

This is by no means necessary.
Its a suggest which i think would be cool.
I think it could increase awareness for streamers.
At the end it is not needed but it could (maybe) be a Quality of Life feature.

If this was done, it should be opt-in by the streamers. Not every streamer wants attention from this particular community. (A lot of people just want to chill with friends and play against AI, they don't necessarily want established players coming to their streams). If some -300 rated furries just want to play with each other and stream it for their regular fans, it doesn't help anything for FAF to direct FAF players to their stream.

Also, not everyone wants to meet the high standards for FAF code of conduct. If you start featuring people's streams without asking permission first, that could get some people in trouble with FAF admins. If there is a tab showcasing streams, there would be an expectation that those are streams that meet FAF's rules for using official FAF services.

There is already a way to open just a list of twitch streams that are labeled as showing FA games: Commander%3A Forged Alliance

And as you mention there is already the bot commands in Aeolus

I would just take the streamers that are displayed by the command !sstreams.

All streamers that can be found under this category : Commander%3A Forged Alliance
are displayed.
As a compromise I've created and curated this list :

The idea is just about a own tab in the faf client for the streamers.

I need you to understand that it is not "just" about an own tab in the client. Arma already lined out the implications that featuring a stream in the client has.
Until there is a good solution for these problems, I don't think a stream tab will be coming any time soon.

That said, I still appreciate that you take the time to make suggestions.

Currently we have this, where it says FAF STREAMS

FAF Website Developer

But why are the streamers shown by the !sstreams command then ok?

That just pulls anyone whom is streaming in the forged alliance forever category and its not visible unless you type the command a who tab is verry diffrnet to a chat command

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