Request for campaign editor

Is there anyone who can make a campaign editor for dummies like me that enjoys playing supcom fa by editing the campaign through the use of mods. I wanted to edit the scenarios, spawned units, and the amount of defenses to be built by ai enemies. I am poor in coding since I am not a brilliant like those people who can understand the codes in lua. Thank you for consideration.

Marlo and I discussed this a year ago (or two?) to make a drag-and-drop editor with nodes for campaign missions. I decided that it was too complicated / time consuming to make in comparison to the size of the audience that would use the editor.

Working for campaign missions doesn't require you to make an AI - it requires you to understand how the OPAI (operation AI) works. And once you do, it is generally a matter of making copies of blocks of code, make the unit groups / markers in the editor, adjust the block accordingly to match the correct values and the OPAI takes care of the rest (such as rebuilding structures that are destroyed).

I can highly recommend you to dive into that, as it is a skill that will not only help you make (dynamic and interesting) campaign related maps, but also understand programming in general more.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Ow I understand. Thank you for your earliest reply. Yap I need to work on understanding the basics.


also have in mind, you can always get help here or in our FAF Discord:

Yes - and make sure to give yourself the mapper and modder roles. Then you have access to the right channels.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Thank you very much for the support.