August 28th - Makeup Ladder League Event

Stay tuned... Just grabbing this as a placeholder since there has been an influx of events lately.

I will work out the details, but for now expect an earlier start of about 12-13 GMT / UTC.

This will likely be loosely connected to ladder performance and some invites.

Asking for a friend. What if you haven’t played ladder in ~3 weeks because you are cursed with an overinflated 2275 mmr, live in burgerzone, work 9-5, climb on weekends, and have no other active players in my search range anytime I want to ladder, and have searched for roughly 10-15 hours on ladder in the last weeks and found no one because Thomas is on hiatus and swkoll is doing swkoll things and there are no other active players I can match besides paralon who is a Russian and plays when I am at work and perhaps maybe jagged if he stopped streaming strange Indy games and actually played faf, but it still wouldn’t matter because even if he did we are in different time zones and don’t forget about how…

Now imagine being 2.4k so matching Jagged or Swkoll ain't even possible anymore.

Just stop working

So long as you can pay my fucked up burgerzone health insurance for me, sure. Its like indentured servitude over here. If you are not working, you either pay $500+ a month for crappy health insurance or risk financial ruin over an unexpected sickness/injury.

I take venmo, Zell, or Paypal. Cash in an envelope also works well.

You won’t get sick if you just play ladder all day.

return to 1500, there is always someone🙃

I always favored rating decay for people who have been away for a while, but if high rated players get so few games then rating decay could trigger for them too and help them.

Also how many people stopped laddering because they are afraid to lose their high rating? If that is a significant number the decay might encourage them to play more.

Ladder League can return after the issue was fixed! I didn't know everything was cleared so my apologies to all. I am going to create a shortened ladder league that ends a few days before the 28th, we can have a Ladder League event on the planned day here.

Please see this thread. The ladder league system has been fixed and there will be a truncated session for this month, with an event happening immediately afterwards to keep on schedule.