New User: How do I open Campaign and Skirmish in FAF?

Hey ya'll, just got FAF and I'm trying to figure out how to use the client to just open the FAF supcom game (not FA on steam)? There are changes from FA vanilla and I'd like to play around in the campaign and skirmishes before jumping into online play. I can get to it by loading a replay (which takes like 10 minutes as it appears to be downloading the .exe, textures, and units every time which is annoying), exiting, and then the FAF game main screen pops up and I can get to the Campaign. Is there not a way to just open the FAF version of supcom?

Yes you can, go to C:\ProgramData\FAForever\bin and find the Forged Alliance exe.

You can also just host a normal faf lobby and fill it with AI(btw we have some new AI so go and check out the mod vault for them).
Or in case you want to play campaign with faf changes just go to co-op tab host the lobby and start it alone(can just make password for it to make sure no one else can join).

Awesome, thanks!

If you host it through the faf client your games will also show up in the online replay vault. So that’s another consideration. Some people like that and others don’t. If you don’t like that then do what Keene said.

Additionally, if you want to play the faf campaign maps (those in the coop maps as already mentioned) offline (big advantage: you can save and load), just add the following string to the game shortcut:

/init init_coop.lua

Here's a screenshot for reference:


You'll find the faf campaign maps under skirmish. Do note that you will need to download the maps from the faf coop vault and that you will need to download the first map in said vault even if that's not the one you want to play if you don't want to get a silent error in the skirmish page that will prevent you from choosing a map at all.

@deletethis Hi!
Does this solution still work? When I'm entering the Skirmish window, I'm getting error in chat:

missing map /maps/x1ca_coop_001/x1ca_coop_001_scenario.lua
The selected map does not exist.

And this is true, exactly this name doesn't exist. Instead the first map has name "x1ca_coop_001.v0026". Of course, simple renaming it doesn't help (seems that inside there are scripts, which use the proper name)...
Any hints?

Hello @happy_balloon!

Indeed it broke—thankfully it's enough to download the first mission again from the FAF client (black day) to fix it.