The boss of this Gym

The boss of this Gym

Greetings, bad boys! This tournament is created to stop disputes over who is stronger and who is the true ladder gachi! Here we will know who is the best amateur and who are free rating slaves of this wild gym!

On Saturday August 14, 2021, at 15:00 UTC.

Gym Directors: Inspektor_Kot, Morax

IRC chat: #Gym

Challonge link:

1st - 50$ + tournament champion tournament_champion.png
2st - face avatar
3st - faction logo avatar

This tournament will be open to any player has a ladder rating of at least 1400, but no more than 1800 before registration!

Gym Rules and Regulations:

  • Double-elimination! (Or round robin finger)

  • The doors will close 1 hour before the start time.

  • All participants need to be in the IRC chat of the Tournament 15 minutes before the tournament starts.

  • If there are any bondage issues before the first 5 minutes of fight have passed - you can repeat. Otherwise - lose; The winner will be determined by faf server or gym directors.

  • Draws will be replayed on the same ring.

  • Final matches can be rescheduled on the next day.

  • All tournament code of conduct rules apply.

  • Veto system for factions from Summer Invitational. After a map is picked, both players will secretly send 2 factions, in order of preference, that they would like to play, and 1 faction they would like to veto to the Tournament Director.

Map pool:
True ladder boy doesn’t prepare BOs for map pool! The information is secret!

-> Sign up through the forum chat. Write please your nickname and ladder rating. <-

Come on boy!

Sorry for my English. I use translator

What is the Tex experience btw?

@tex this is taken from one in game chatting. I couldn't win Swkoll and thought of a new strategy to don't let to him upgrade eco but he anyway did it, 4 t3 mexes omg. xD That was setons and I raided all expansions except main base. On my question "where you found mass?" he told "I played against Tex a lot" or something like it, forgot a bit.

So, his playing style is amazing. Agression doesnt work, we both were alone mantis brain raiders in ~1800 ladder 6 months ago and, I guess, we made Swkoll think how to play against us 😛

Glad I help someone win games. I guide others to a treasure I can’t posses.

fuck why did i gained raiting... i couldve been cool 1799 op boi

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

nightmare - 1749

The embodiment of depression...

Damn. I miss those pictures. 10/10 meme

@tex I will put it back with more censored version

sign up me

sign me up

sign me up 1454

finally a tourney I can win - sign me up 1674

As I'm permanently banned from Faf I won't be able to participate

Good bye noobies!!!

@plz-no-bannis lul. That's sad. Who then will troll everybody? :<

@PLZ-NO-BANNIS ffs how could you get banned again? ((((

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

Alina-Kiss 284

sign me in 1573

Sign me out again, i am sorry i ve got an important meeting and can t participate.

@alina-kiss sorry, I cant sign up you, only 1400-1800 ladder rating