Dual gap is actually a decent map played 4v4

Seriously, the primary reason this map is such a snoozefest is because it is way too crowded (yes I know that is why people play it), but the map played 4v4 is actually quite nice, the incentive to fight for mass points is suddenly way higher and pushes suddenly have a chance of succeeding.

Now let the hate rain in from both the Dual gap loving folks and those who despise it.

That doesnt sound like a bad idea tbh. Ill try it someday

The patrician way to play dual gap is diagonal vs diagonal.

Do the 4 by 4 version of the map) Nobody mind

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As much as you might think that it's unpopular idea. The sentiment of most people that I know is that Dual gap is actually not that bad of a map if you play it 3v3 or maybe 4v4 like you say(though I only played it 3v3).

And as someone who shits on dual gap each day I have to say that the 3v3 games I played on it were actually enjoyable compared to the effin shit show that 6v6 is.

Dual Gap is actually a very fun map if you play it 1v1.

Any map will be more fun and difficult if you play it 1v1 or 2v2

Sorry for my English. I use translator