Too-short game caused rank change

Even though this game was invalid due to length and is reported to be as such, it caused Team 2 to lose and Team 3 to gain rank.


As the following shows in the rehost:


For example Regisle lost 11 points.

Not seeking the points back (as I believe that is not possible) just wanted devs to be aware of a potential issue

As far as I can tell everything is working fine. The first game (12652131) was not rated, and I checked the server logs to verify that the players ratings did not change after that game. However the second game (12652187) was rated which is why you see different ratings on the game info for that game. You'll notice that the rating changes all correspond with team 2 winning the second game.

In particular note that Regisle and St3k were on the same team for the first game but different teams for the second game, and that St3k gained rating appropriately, because he was on the winning team for the second game. Same with Warcry616. If you click "show rating change" on the second game it should show you how much the ratings changed as a result of that second game.

Unless I'm mistaken the ratings shown are the ones before the win/loss of that particular game take effect. So therefore, should be the same across the two games and then the rating change from the valid game would effect the scores seen in the next game screen.

Revealing the rank changes in the second game (12652187) doesn't correspond to the numbers lost. Regisle lost 9 points according to the ranked game and lost 11 points from game 1 to game 2.
If we go to his next game (#12652457) his starting points are 1251 which represent the loss of 9 points

I apologise if I'm misreading it though.