"You must link your account, also, your account is already linked"

I have the game, I am already connected to Steam, but I keep getting the message that I need to connect my Steam account in order to play. Any Ideas?

You need to "link" your Steam account to your FAF account in order to prove to FAF that you own a copy of FA

This is different from being logged in to Steam

Here are some instructions to do it: https://wiki.faforever.com/index.php?title=Setting_Up_FAF

The instructions are in the section called "Linking to Steam"

If you continue to have issues you can PM me your account details and I can look into it

@deribus Hello, i play FAF smthng about 2 years ago and create this account, then i dont play on it this 2 years, and now in this month, when i returned back, i forgot that i have this acc and create a new. 1 week ago FAF asked me for steam acc and when i try to connect my steam acc i remember about this FAF acc. Now i play on this one. Shuld i delete other acc to not take ban? I dont play on it anymore, even if i will want - i cant becouse it not connected to my steam acc. I realy dont want to take ban for these situation =_= (acc name Nightmare666)

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@deribus Hello, sorry to bother you. I’m having a similar problem...

I had a FAF account back in 2014-2017 or so. I recently tried to recover it, but initially couldn’t.

I created a new account (the one I’m posting on here) and linked it with my copy of FA on Steam I haven't played any ranked games on this account. Since I was able to create this new account, I assumed my old account (called Xeneffeminate) was deleted.

Later, I found that my old account did in fact exist and I was able to recover it… but it is no longer linked with Steam, hence why I was able to link the new one to Steam, I suppose? I don’t know why this has happened as afaik a normal FAF user can’t unlink their account?

I’m thus left with two accounts. One needs to get deleted if I want to not get banned for smurfing. Iirc I played 100 or so teamgames on my old account so I’d rather keep that one so people have an accurate reflection of how many games I’ve played. With this new one deleted, I can then re-link the original account with my Steam.

Many thanks!

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Hi @deribus
I am having a similar issue to Xforp where I registered an account using steam a few years ago.
Having been some time since I last played, I was unable to relogin with my username so I created a new account, however I was then unable to link my steam account.

I then tried logging in through steam again but it automatically logs into the new account that I cannot use.

What should I do?

I've locked this topic. From now on if you have such an issue please send me a forum PM with the accounts involved so that I may help you out. @KamauWarrior1 included