Friends List or Player Location

Hi all, 1st post here, so forgive me if im saying something stupid.
Is there a way, or can there be a way to make a friends list, or a way to see if a player is playing a game (eg i saw "Tiptushi" playing the other day and i would have liked to watch the game, without joining, not sure about how to observe)

ALSO, is there a way to show players in your region, im in AUS, and there arnt many players here, and bad lag would make this game not as much fun as it could be.
Plus chasing a local AUS or NZ player to do some COOP Campaign one day.

Thank you
BTW - been watching GYLE's videos, they are great
Alex (VanTurbo)

You can add friends in #aeolus which is the main chat area by right clicking a name and 'add friend'. This will put them at the top of the list. Similarly, you can right click people and click 'watch game' to watch the game they are currently in.

There is a decent number of us Aussies and you can join the ANZ discord if you would like:

Awesome Stuff AngelofDeath, i friended a heap of AUS and NZ People,,
i would talk to you on DC, however u are "do not disturb"

Cheers for the info 🙂