How different players can use the same PC?

My son and I have different accounts in FAF and often use the same PC to play. Sometimes we play together. How can we avoid banning for smurfing?

That should not be a problem since there is the steam link. It used to be an issue but since we have got the steam link we do not check if two accounts use the same PC.


@axel12 TY for reply! Some time ago my son's account was banned for smurfing but it wasnt a smurf. He created a new one buying a new copy of the SC:FA in Steam. I just dont want his new account to be banned too. I can honestly name both accounts and don't intend to hide them.

You should be fine if you have 2 separate steamlinked accounts. If one gets banned again, message a moderator on the forums about it and the issue should get resolved in a few days.

my son created a account he did not even get to play a single game as it was claimed to be a smurf account yet i see people make accounts over and over again this is begging to look like bullying

@gandalf22 You or/and your son can appeal the smurf-ban and explain the situation with evidence to resolve it very easily. Additionally, if you think someone else is smurfing, please report them, so the mod team can investigate.