Getting the patch


How do I get the latest patch please, I'm using the FAFClient but my game version still appears old for some reason, my version of Forged Alliance.exe is - I don't appear to be getting / seeing the balance patches?

Anyone help?

It should update the game if you join/host a game in the faf client.

Exe file version does not show anything.
If you can watch replay without desync then you surely have right patches installed - last patch version - other patches
FAF patches are separate from your original game installation and don't affect it.
FAF puts its files in C:\ProgramData\FAForever

game version used to be displayed in the menu, but that is no longer the case for some reason...

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FAForever is where I always run the game from, it didn't appear to be updating there, rebooted tried again seemed a bit different, then the whats new in 3720 popped up, hey presto - perfect... A while ago there used to be a version number at the top right of the screen on the main menu of the game.....

Cheers guys for this

hmm there should be an easy way.... but you can also just launch the fame and look if mantis has a tank icon or not

TA4Life: "At the very least we are not slaves to the UI" | |