Lobby Update June 29, 2021

While the server was down anyways we took the opportunity to deploy the latest lobby release https://github.com/FAForever/server/releases/tag/v1.8.0. I've copied the release notes here for your convenience:


With this release we are finally making some progress towards upgrading our login flow by supporting token login in addition to the old style of password login. As an end user, you won't notice a whole lot. Future client versions will give you the option of logging in with the new method which is more secure, as it will use temporary tokens instead of directly sending your password to the lobby server (you still need to enter your password into the client though so it can fetch a token from the API).

In addition we've fixed a few bugs, done some internal cleanup, and added support for more integration with other FAF services which will eventually (TM) be relevant for Galactic War. Here are the noteworthy highlights

Other Noteworthy Changes

  • Foes can no longer join your games
  • Matchmaker games that fail to start will be properly cleaned up. This should also fix the game count on the website being way too high.
  • Added a time delta to the queue pop timer message. Future client versions may use this to present more accurate queue times even when the system time is wrong.

Pull Requests

  • Feature/#440 hydra token login (#784) [by @Sheikah]
  • Add timeout to base game class (#798) [by @Sheikah]
  • Use maxminddb directly instead of geoip2 (#792)
  • Issue/#790 Nightly test deadline (#794)
  • Issue/#778 Fix for foes in command_game_join (#793) [by @SpikeyNoob]
  • Feature/#747 save additional metadata in game results (#782) [by eoinnoble]
  • Issue/#771 send broadcast info to rabbitmq (#779)
  • Remove metaclass for service creation (#785)
  • Issue/#769 nightly test run (#781)
  • Issue/#482 improve documentation (#753)
  • Issue/#655 add rabbitmq to github actions (#775)
  • Update dependencies (#774)
  • Fix control server integration tests (#770)
  • Issue/#560 Fix co-op leaderboard IntegrityError (#767) [by eoinnoble]
  • Remove references to equilibrium #744 (#764) [by IanNaughton]
  • Feature/#699 Add queue_pop_time_delta to MatchmakerQueue representation [by eoinnoble]

Really nice additions. Great work, thanks for everything.

Thanks for foes no longer being able to join your games!