How to change viewing angle in game and in replays.

I see a lot of youtubers change the viewing angle as they play however I have not found out how.
Any help appreciated.

Cheers from Montreal!

there a 3 different ways to do so:

  1. zoom in and hold down the space bar; then move the mouse

  2. Press [CTRL]+[v] at any zoom level

  3. type to ingame console cam_free

Ok thanks!

Holy cow seeing a Monkey Lord fight at eye level is nice indeed!

@mastergoa Also consider using tracking (select a unit and press the tracking key, default keybind = t) with the different ways of changing the viewing angle.

You can go into a player's POV, select a unit, turn on tracking, then go back to "observer" POV to get rid of the fog of war, and the tracking will stay on.