UEF Tech 1 mobile artillery bumper cars

Hi all,

I have noticed some strange behaviour for my UEF t1 arti.

In a few of my recent matches I have noticed a tendency for my tech 1 arti to chase down enemy units if they are moving. When I target a specific unit of interest and that particular unit is moving, even if it does not leave the arti's range circle, the arti will drive around constantly without firing and appear to try to bump the targeted unit. I tried to drop arti on an island and they were all reclaimed by the two engies on the island because they absolutely would not fire. I also tested this with a friend where he moved a scout around and I had an army of arti targeting it. The same problem occured and these werent the only events.

Is this a new known bug or is it my specific game? I have only UI mods installed so nothing should interfere with the unit behaviour in any way.

You should provide the replay numbers of the games / test games where you noticed this issue.
Don't forget to mention at what point in the replay it happens and where.

Then people will be able to see it themselves and give you a better response.
Going on a description, makes it quite easy for us to misunderstand you.

Sure thing.


This is the replay number for the test game where a friend and I tested it. Its a 2,5 minute game just to test that one problem I have been having. I started by building a t1 land factory then just spamming arties. They had a rally point and I had them target my friends land scout. Once the scout starts moving the arties starts chasing. When the land scouts stop moving the arties stop too and starts shooting regularly.

That is some weird behaviour indeed. To me it looks like the arty wants to keep a moving target in the inner circle, which is it's minimum range.