Mexes upgrading, reclaim and mods

So, when i level up a mex from 1 to 2 is it still giving me 2 mass???

If i reclaim a unit or a building with 100% hp is it giving me all the mass of the unit/building?

Whats the name of the mod that pauses the mexes?
Is there must have mods to be better at the game?

Yes, when you start upgrading mexes they still keep on producing the mass just like they were before.

Reclaiming unit or building should net you 81% of it's mass value. Same as undamaged wreck.

Imo, that mod is not needed and does more harm than help, especially if you don't know how to configure it.

As for other mods check out this guide.

Additional camera stuff for the build range circles and Supreme Scoreboard for replay analysis are the only two ui mods that you absolutely should get if you intend on improving. Everything else is mostly flavor.

Also I guess advanced target priorities should be added to that list now.


Essential: Better reclaim view (which should really be integrated into the base game)

Not necessarily essential, but very helpful:

Selection cost UI (for when you are watching replays, to get a better sense of how expensive armies are)

Emojies (if you are one of the cool kids, the top-rated players are more likely to give you advice)

I like Advanced Strategic Icons but that's largely a matter of preference.

Advanced strategic icons are not preference they are evil and deserve eternal damnation