Calling for everyone to resign as Councillors

Here are two of the pledges that a councillor makes upon assuming their duties:

I will communicate professionally and avoid bringing FAF into disrepute.
I understand that if I am unable to perform these duties, I will resign or be replaced.

Due to the cringe made by everyone in this thread:

I believe that everyone has demonstrated that they are no longer capable of upholding the councillor pledges. I am therefore asking for the resignation of everyone as Councillors.

I didn't know who any of you were until you linked your drama thread on the newshub but your little slapfight shows that you are all at best cringe, and at worst nonces. Please either resign or just never post again so the general playerbase never has to listen to you again.
I expect this to also get posted on the newshub in the name of impartiality

This post is deleted!

I'd have to agree that anyone who cannot adhere to this incredibly easy to meet standard of behaviour should have no influence whatsoever over FAF. These basic expectations are not in any way hard to meet and it's shameful that as players we cannot take for granted that FAF team members cannot behave in a calm, rational and well-mannered way.


I locked this topic (not moderators), because the user @Hashbrowns69 is a fake account that was just created today in order to perform some trolling.

However to people reading this.

I'd like to remind you that we are all working on our free time here. I have a full time job, a little son, a server to run and an association to setup.

Yes, I did not actively stop this nonsense (question is if I could), but I would like to remind you that apart from some drama nothing really happened now.

The server is running, the client receives updates, tournaments are still happening. Every organisation can have issues and yes this time it went public. That's sad but we're also all human.

FAF won't die just because there is some drama going on. There has been drama in the past, you just didn't notice.

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