Add an Uninstall Survey for FAF Client


I propose the creation of an 'uninstall survey' for the FAF Client in order to gather more data to enable us to improve user retention and improve the FAF experience. So, when someone uninstalls the client, they would be directed to a survey that asks why they're uninstalling FAF. It could have some common responses as multiple choice options and an 'other' option with an optional fill-in-the-blank spot to explain. There could even be an additional optional comments/suggestions box. Thoughts?
Here is an example of an uninstall survey:


A damn fine idea indeed!

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Puh that will be really hard to code. But it is open source if anybody feels like it go ahead



You could send them towards a google forms (or a more open source alternative) instead - not sure if that is a solution to the hard part

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Hmm that is probably doable. But yeah still gotta find out how to add the button in the installer



Uninstall surveys often automatically open a webpage (that has the uninstall survey on it) as part of the uninstallation process. So, it shouldn't need a button on the uninstaller afaik.


You will get more responses if it shows the options directly in the installer. Every additional click will cause a certain percentage of users to not bother.

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We only have limited access over the installer routines since we use a dedicated 3rd party tool for this and have to look into what can actually be implemented. If even, I highly doubt we'll be able to squeeze out more than a button opening a browser.

And for sure we'll not switch to a different installer.

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