the game does not start

hello, I have a problem starting the game, Supreme Commander Forged Alliance is downloaded, registered in FAF, I select a lobby for the game, the game starts loading, black screen, and an error.game_14620495.log game_14620481.log game_14620332.log game_14620314.log game_14620280.log game_14619576.log

Have you opened FAF once through Steam to ensure you have everything downloaded that you need? There are some (now) legacy packages Steam installs for you when you first run Forged Alliance

How do I open FAF through Steam to make sure everything is loaded correctly? And yes, you were right, I downloaded the old version of the game, but how can I download the new one?

You can't start FAF through steam.

Please start the normal supreme commander game over steam.
(This will install directx9c and some other needed stuff for SupCom)

Then start the FAF client and make sure the game path is correct.
This was in your log:

warning: Search path element "C:\супр\Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance" does not match any files

Also the client and the game has problems with filepaths like "\супр" or "\днс".
(maybe copy the game to a folder that does not contain any non english characters.)

Thank you very much, I really was not the correct folder with the game

Thanks for reporting back.

Have fun!