Percival hp

This is something that has bugged me for a while, but percivals having less health than bricks sort of breaks the foundational theme of the factions. UEF flavor is higher hp, even if just a token amount.
I think the percival should have more HP even by 100 to keep the spirit of the game intact. Thoughts?

But did you zoom on those two units? What will break first something that looks like brick or something that is an armed proper leged bot?

That's the reason why brick should have more survivability as Percival.


I'm happy to trade you the higher HP for the brick, if the brick gets the alpha, range and DPS of the Percival?

Fair trade right?


Yeah, I see your point. If we consider the game balanced right now, what about a proportional cost increase to go with it?


I think that's reasonable, but I'm not a part of the balance team and have no idea whether they'd go with it.

I also kind of question whether its worth making changes to adhere to a theme. Themes are interesting, and I'm not saying they have no value, but changing a unit is a major thing, changing it for thematic rather than gameplay reasons seems like its not worth the risk that you cause some kind of balance issue.

Theme consistency is a "nice to have", good balance is critical, and risking balance to adhere to a theme may not be worth it.

That's just my opinion though.

If UEF is meant to have the theme of "high hp" and "tankiness" Why do they have the worst shield in the game.

On a more relevant note, Percy should have 8k hp and bricks 7k. Then we have a nice follow through with factional stats and nerfing t3 in general is never bad, because it means more relevant t2.