TeamMate and Me Tourney

Teammate and me

TeamMate and Me Tourney

Tournament Sponsored by Javi, Morax, Explosive and Exselsior!

A 2v2 double elimination tournament.

Tournament Date: 26/06/2021 14:30 GMT
Tournament Director: KeyBlue

Challonge: Will be added later

IRC: #TMMTourney
To join type “ /join #TMMTourney “ in #aeolus in the faf client

Coverage: TBD


Higher bracket (16 players)

1st Place: $130 (so $65 per player) and
2nd Place: Faction Face Avatar
3rd Place: Faction Logo Avatar

Lower bracket (if at least 8 extra players sign up, 24+ total)

1st place: $50 (so $25 each) + A training session with Explosive

If enough players participate in the lower bracket
2nd/3rd place: Avatar rewards
This will be decided later.

Player requirements: 10 or more TMM games played, but no rating limit

Seeding: TMM rating

Tournament Info

16 players will be able to participate in the higher bracket of this tournament.
If more than 16 people sign up then those with the higher seed, i.e. higher TMM rating, will be able to play.

If there is a lot of interest and we have at least 8 players that can't play due to seeding, then we will create a lower bracket for them to play in. This lower bracket tourney will operate concurrently with the higher rated bracket. So make sure to sign up if you want to play even if you're not sure if you will make it into the higher bracket.

It is a 2v2 tournament but you cannot sign up as a team.
Instead we will use a captain system in which the 8 highest seeds will get to pick their teammate from the 8 lower seeds. Teammate selection will start from 8th seed and up.

The tournament format will be Double Elimination.
The winners bracket will consist of BO3s, while the losers bracket will be only BO1s.

Map vetoing and selection process

Map selection will be done with map vetoes. The map pool will consist of 15 maps..
For the BO3:
First the higher seed team picks a map to veto, then lower seed, higher again, etc. Until there are 9 maps left.
The higher seed team chooses the map for game 1.
The lower seed team chooses the map for game 2.
If after playing 2 games the score is 1-1, there will be another round of vetoing.
Each team again gets another 3 vetoes and you will start vetoing from the remaining 7 maps until only 1 is left. This time the lower seed will start vetoing.
You will play the final game of the BO3 on this map.

For the BO1:
Teams will immediately veto down to only 1 map. Each team will have 7 vetoes to pick.
First the lower seed will pick a veto, next the higher seed, lower seed again, etc.
Do this until only 1 map is left, this is the map that you will play.

In the unfortunate case that the teammates cannot come to an agreement on a veto, the captain will get final say.

What will the tourney look like?

All players should be in the tourney IRC channel at 14:30 GMT. Preferably be 15 minutes early so we can start on time. In case somebody doesn’t show up, we will try to fill the teams with signed up players who didn’t make the initial cut.

The TD will provide the list of captains and teammates. Captains will now be asked in PMs to choose their teammate. The 8th seed gets the first pick, then the 7th seed and so on.

Once the teams are chosen, the TD will assign you to a discord voice channel you can use. The challonge bracket should now be available.

The TD will tell you who your next opponent is. Now you should get in contact with the opposing team and start the map vetoing en selection process. Once the map is decided, let the TD know which map you will play and who vetoed what.
The team with the higher seed will host the game with a name following a pattern based on the round, the name of the captain in each team and which game of the BO3 it is:
TMMT R1 KeyBlue1 vs KeyBlue2 1

The team that wins will notify the TD via a message in the faf client. Mention the game name, who won and the replay id:
TMMT R1 KeyBlue1 vs KeyBlue2 1 : KeyBlue1 won , #14593291

Please always send a message to the TD about which map you’re playing and when you’ll start.

Draws: In the event of a draw contact the TD. Generally the game will be replayed on the same map.

Disconnects: In the event of a disconnect contact the TD. If the game disconnected prior to 5 minutes the game will be replayed on the same map. Disconnects occurring after 5 minutes will be determined at the discretion of the TD.

The TD can always deviate from these general rules if he deems it necessary.

Map Pool

The map pool will be a subset of the 2v2 matchmaker map list.
Always use spawns 1-4, just like is done in the matchmaker, except on Stella Maris V8.

Adaptive Gornyak
Angel Lagoon
Desert Crisis
Funeral Plains
Stella Maris v8 (5-8 spawns)
Zerg canyon
Adaptive Moon
Setons Clutch - FAF version
Strife of Titan R1
The Drunken Sailors Dance

Sign up

Sign up by posting in this thread or PMing me on FAF client ( KeyBlue ) or discord ( KeyBlue#6603 ) and mention these topics:

  • Your ingame name
  • If you will be able to use discord to communicate with your partner.
    Talk & Listen, Only Listen or Nothing
  • Languages you can communicate in

This extra information will make it easier for captains to make an informed decision, since communication can be an important factor in team games.

Sign up period will be closed at 23/06/21 20:00 GMT
TMM rating at this time will be used for the seeding.

Sign up period has ended

Players Signed up: (30)

This is the current split of players ordered on rating.
If players cancel or don't show up, there might still be some changes.

Higher Bracket

Name Communication Languages Rating
1 Espinosaurio Talk & listen RU/ENG 2302
2 JaggedAppliance Talk & Listen English 2166
3 Tagada Talk & Listen English and Polish 2083
4 Battlefront Talk & Listen English and German 2055
5 banani Talk & Listen English and Russian 2033
6 Haachamachama Talk & Listen English and Portuguese 2012
7 Grimplex Talk & listen English 1880
8 F-Odin Talk & Listen English 1857
9 IIllllIIlIllNoob (Bullydozer) Talk & Listen English and Dutch 1854
10 Rezy-Noob Talk & Listen English and Russian 1842
11 Morax Talk & Listen English and some Spanish 1769
12 Lucied Talk & Listen English, Swedish and some German 1754
13 kiteNoob Talk & Listen Russian and English not much 1749
14 ZLO Talk & Listen English and Russian 1721
15 Neytron Talk & Listen Russian, Ukrainian and +-English 1634
16 Protect (lIIIIIIIIIIINoob) Talk & Listen English and Spanish 1629

Lower Bracket

Name Communication Languages Rating
1 AFF1nage (lllllllllllNoob) Talk & Listen English and Russian 1621
2 RowanMorseYT No info 1502
3 White_Owl Talk & Listen English and Russian 1455
4 Unknow Talk & Listen English and French 1440
5 Exselsior Talk & listen English 1357
6 Emperor_Penguin Talk & Listen English 1234
7 SergeantSyphilis Talk & Listen English 1112
8 Stawsm Talk & Listen English 989
9 TheDuelist Talk & Listen English 985
10 SpikeyNoob (llllIllllIlINoob) Talk & Listen English 892
11 RoMadQuScientist Talk & Listen German and English 883
12 foghornleghorn Talk & Listen English and French 837

I do not allow people to proxy signup others. If players are unable or unwilling to post in this forum thread, they can instead PM me in the FAF client or on discord.

Signing up!
I will be using discord
I can speak English and Polish

@keyblue said in TeamMate and Me Tourney:

Player requirements: 10 or more TMM games played, but no rating limit


Also, if enough people sign up that get knocked out (I'm putting it at 8 players) then I'll end up hosting a lower rating bracket that will operate in the same format as the upper bracket. It'll give out the generic tournament winner/faction face/faction logo awards. So feel free to sign up even if you aren't really close to the top 16 on the leaderboard.

The lower bracket event would operate concurrently with the higher rated tournament.

Excuse me, I still have a month to play 5 games, I think I will manage eventually.

Sign up.
Can use discord and I speak English.

Well yes, but generally good form to sign up when you actually match the requirements so the TD doesn't need to constantly check whether you can actually use your reservation to go to the restaurant.

yes i sign in

The embodiment of depression...

Sign up please
I can in Russian, Ukrainian, English+-

NoundedElkWoob (will probably be changed before tournament start, but forums will update it anyway)
can talk and listen
english and dutch

Edited the OP to specify that the prize comes thanks to the donation by @Javi !

I'm signing up. I can communicate fully on discord english/german.

This post is deleted!

Sign me up pls
I can communicate on discord/ts/OrWathever english/french

I'll sign up. Just English for me

This post is deleted!

Sign me up please
Discord : English/Russian

This post is deleted!

add me in
Discord : English and English

sign me pls

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"