DualGap Adaptive v9 bug?

T2 arties are not firing on to a hill even though it is well within range. I have encountered this potential bug a couple of times now:

Examples of it occuring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHDTV7N8mwI&t=944s 14:00 min mark.


Is this supposed to happen, or is it a bug with the map? Where else should i post this to fix?

It isn't a bug related to the map. The artillery just can not aim high enough to make the shot.

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this is a feature of a risky maneuver that somehow sideways 1) you did not scout 2) you did not stop 3) you did not prepare for it in advance. Which indicates your low level of play. The mountain is specially at such a height and I do not plan to redo it yet, but the version 10 is already ready where all the mountains are changed, it is waiting in the wings. If anything, you can climb the mountain from the ground without any problems, as well as build any t1t2 turrets from below on the mountain to kill the enemy, but you continued to up the meks...

don't ask me to turn this map into a more "comfort zone" anyway."