Factory repeat build hotkey won't work

Using the FAF hotkeys, Factory Repeat Build will not work. By the default FAF Presets, the hotkey is "Z". That doesn't work, and it doesn't matter what button I change it to, that doesn't work either.

It's strange because this is the only hotkey in the game that won't work, all the other hotkeys work just fine.

It looks like I'm not the first person to experience this bug either. Please help.

Hi Wingflier, are you using the 'Advanced Target Priorities' mod?

I experienced a similar problem with unresponsive hotkey functions.

Try it without any mods enabled and see if that helps, then slowly add back in mods until it stops working again and let us know which mod breaks it. Also it can be a bit buggy where it takes half a second or so to show up especially if you have draggable build queues enabled which I'd highly recommend turning off. Make sure you're doing it either with only one factory selected or if you have multiple factories selected that they're all on the same repeat setting before using the hotkey as well.