Increase micro potential of the Jester

I personally find it is almost never worth building Jesters instead of bombers. I know they are getting some small buffs in the next patch, and hopefully this will be enough to consider using them more.

What I would like to suggest is an increase in the acceleration and deceleration of the unit so that dodging t1 aa becomes more viable. It would also kinda fit the namesake of the unit, that being a slippery and agile little gunship.

Bombers have their place and the effectiveness can increase with micro. Jesters are a larger investment and I feel spending time on microing them could only add to the depth of the game.

Idk what it would mean for balance but it would def be fun to micro. It seems like jesters have a good amount of hp rn so maybe decreasing health, decreasing cost, and adding what he said above might have a cool result. Like a lab but in air. Just throwing out ideas, i have not looked at the numbers at all.