Road to Glory! 1v1. 1000-1500 ladder rating. 50$ prize

У меня ладдер 1512, с таким пустите?
Мой максимум
Глобал мне насливали, так что я примерно тоже 1500-1600, оверрейт прост


@inspektor_kot said in Road to Glory! 1v1. 1000-1500 ladder rating. 50$ prize:

It sounds great, but that would be better prize for 2 and 3 place. The players will have questions about final games why they got lose and what they did wrong. And the guy on the first place won because he did all better, his way of the getting more skills is right. We think that the prizers definitely need a training more than the winner.

So, what do you think about our offer, Tagada?

Map pool:
Saltrock colony
open palms
Forbidden Pass V4
White_Fire v2
vulcan's reach
Seraphim Outpost
Stella Maris WM 1v1
Regor VI Highlands
Cadmium Green
Desert crisis
Twin Rivers
Cobal valley
Farce in tha Forest
Niflheim - Final II v2
Standing Stones
Artic refuge
Crash Site 1v1
Finn's revenge
Desert Planet 2v2

Seton's Clutch - FAF version
The ditch - FAF version
Roanoke Abyss
Seraphim Glaciers
Crossfire canal

Tonight it will be added to the general post. PREPARE, BOIS ❤

This post is deleted!

@inspektor_kot There are several Versions of Roanoke ambyss (no one of them is spelled like that): Which version is it now?

Thats vanilla map

Ladder: 1298
Global: 1300

FAF Website Developer

Ladder: 1257
Global: 1447

Ladder: 1215
Global: 1312

@white_owl said in Road to Glory! 1v1. 1000-1500 ladder rating. 50$ prize:

  • Never had more than 1500 ladder rating in all time in faf.

Why has this player been accepted?

Ye, we already saw it. He was cancelled from the tourney.

sign me up
1592 global
1193 ladder

Poor Demon, played so much he just passed 1500 like last week :[

Another one prize for the first place - training with Tagada.

sing up please, ladder rating - 1370 (1400) ; global rating - 1639 (1600)

Do you know the Muffin Man?

is it too late to sign up?

ladder rating - 1128
global rating - 1165

@White_Owl All players need to be in the IRC chat of the Tournament 15 minutes before the tournament."
Where excatly is this chat?

Challonge is done. Maps are written on the top and the brackets with players are done.


IRC: #Glory

This is written below the picture, below the date, 3 line

Too late. The registration had been closed around 6 hours ago. But we add you to reserve list.

if anybody of the participants dont come on the tourney - you will play instead him.

@gorthaur Yes, you need to be in chat 15 misn before. #Glory