An Online Interface for Open Games

Hello Everyone,

has there ever been a discussion about an online interface showing the currently open custom games? Basically, it would just be a mirror of the current custom games tab but viewable on a webpage w/o opening the local client.

The use case would be checking for games on your phone while sitting on the couch, doing laundry, while the PC is off, or for people like me who do their daily work on a different OS/PC then the one they use to play FAF.

During non-peak times I quite regularly think "I wonder if there is an interesting game open right now" but checking would take a couple minutes, so I don't.

Not sure if anybody else would use such a web interface, but at least I certainly would.

Great idea

Check out my maps here:

Madness 1 - 10

And let me auto join when I click on the game in the browser.

Love this idea and have thought about it before but was too lazy to ask about it. Nice for when my work day is winding down (like now) and I can check to see if there are interesting games to join without having to move over to my gaming pc.

Is there a public API for this?

BAR has something like this I think the one for FAF could look similar, just with more info, and maybe provide more info when you click it or something.

I think in general FAF could do well with some nice website features.